Terms of Use

Qlasy AB is an on-demand supplier, which means that we work extra hard with copyright to avoid plagiarism. If we use images, names or texts that neither we - nor you - own, we and possibly you can receive warning letters and high fines. This also applies to different motifs or parodies. You as a consumer must have taken the picture yourself, come up with your own text and used your own or friend's name on the board to avoid plagiarism. This also applies to pictures or names of real people who are protected by personal rights, such as artists and their album covers.

If the customer submits their own motif or affects the product in another way (personal design of text), the customer assures Qlasy AB that text and motifs are free from third party rights. In this case, any infringement of copyright, personality right or name right is entirely the responsibility of the customer. The customer also assures that he or she does not infringe any of the other rights of any third party through the individualization of the product.

The customer releases Qlasy AB from all claims and claims that are asserted due to violations of such rights as third parties, if the customer is responsible for an obligation not being fulfilled. The customer reimburses Qlasy AB for all costs for the defense and other costs that arise.

We at Qlasy AB produce the glass album especially after your particular order, which means that there is no right of withdrawal after the closed order. Since the glass album is a specially ordered item, we can therefore not take back the product to sell it to someone else. If the product arrives broken, we will send a new similar board at no extra cost. However, should the consumer have accidentally broken the board for private purposes, we will not replace a new board for it.